As universal as the need for warm-up is, there is no one universal way to do it. From jogging to jumping to stretching, there are countless legitimate ways of warming up. And with the addition of resistance bands, a brand new exercise equipment trainers swear by, the hunt for the best warm-up method has successfully finished.

A resistance band is a spherical band made of elastic material. Resistance band training is used for strength workouts. Here are the 5 most popular resistance band warm-up exercises that you can do with resistance bands at home.

Simple Exercises with Resistance Bands

1. Lateral Raise

This resistance band work-out will engage your abs and glutes and provide you with better flexibility during core workout and running.

How to Do: Take the resistance bands and lay it on the floor. Stand on top of it and position your feet in the middle while letting yourarms by your sides. Now bend down and grab the ends of the resistance band. Rise to a standing position, then raise your arms sideways until you are making a ‘T’ with your body. Hold your position for at least 5 seconds before gently lowering your arms.

2. Side Bend Exercise

This exercise improves your balance by strengthening your mid and lower core. It engages your abs and spinal erector muscles.

How to Do: Raise both your arms up above your head. Make sure that you are not bending them. Hold the resistance band between your hands and stretch it till your forearms feel tense. Now bend your torso to the side, alternating from left to right. and hold the resistance band tightly between your hands.

3. Shoulder Circles

This exercise engages your triceps, biceps and shoulders and is a good warm-up for weight training. It helps build muscle tone and increases the suppleness of tendons and joints.

How to Do: Stand straight and then grab the resistance band with both your hands and stretch it outwards. Now move the resistance band over your head and lower it behind your back without bending your arms. Hold the position for a few seconds before bringing the band back over your head to the starting position.

4. Banded Front Squat

This exercise engages your quads, glutes and hamstrings enhancing speed and power of your lower body workouts.

How to Do: Stand on the resistance band with your feet six inches apart. Use your hands to pull the band up to your shoulders. Now fold your arms to your chest. Your forearms should be a few inches apart from your chest. Now squat using your thigh muscles until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Then move back up to your starting position.

5. Resistance Lateral Walk

These engage your glutes and hip abductors, in turn, strengthening these muscles.

How to Do: Place both your feet inside a loop band and pull it to your thighs. Bend your knees and face forward. Hold your hands in front of your body and then take a step to the right side till the band is tense. Repeat on the left side.


Warm-Up is the oil that smoothens up your body for an energetic showdown of muscles, bones, running tracks and yoga mats. And with resistance band exercises, it is more convenient than ever. So grab your pair, quit procrastinating and hit the gym!