If you are planning on running a marathon race or preparing to take up running as an exercise in general, then there is a list of a few essential running gears that you must have. Adequate running gear helps you run more efficiently and comfortably. Skim through the list below to make sure that you have all the necessary items in the order, for your runtime to be successful. 

Running Shoes

A good pair of running shoes have to be on top of the list. Your running shoes affect your run. A faulty pair can lead to injuries. Before making a decision, a runner needs to consider factors such as foot pronation, terrain, long-term running goals, etc. One tip is to avoid running in a new pair of shoes on race day.

Functional Clothes

Cotton clothes lead to chafing. Functional clothes, however, are specially designed to absorb moisture. Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics such as polyester. They should also help provide body space to breathe. 

Sports Bra

For women, a sports bra is another essential item on the list. A runner must invest in a correctly measured bra. Besides other issues, unwanted movement of the bust can lead to faulty posture which can have further negative consequences. 

Caps and Headbands

Caps and Headbands protect your head in all kinds of weather. They help absorb sweat and moisture, keeping the runner dry and warm.


Socks are as important as shoes. A runner should opt for seamless socks to help absorb moisture and sweat from the foot. Opting for an adequate pair of socks will help avoid blisters, which are a common cause of nuisance among runners.

Bags and Packs

A running pack will help keep you carry essentials such as water to keep you hydrated, your phone, emergency cash, some ID, etc. They evenly distribute the weight without making runners uncomfortable. 

Runners can also opt for sunglasses, arm and calf sleeves, etc. for added comfort. There are various options available in the market now. Some of the brands you can definitely count on are ASICS, Nike, and Decathlon. Additionally, if you are preparing for a marathon race, then do not forget sunscreen, adhesive bandages, sports drink, a throw-away shirt, etc.