Are you prepping up for a marathon? Or just getting ready for that early morning jog? Or are you just in the mood to have some solitude while recording some miles on your tracker? Whatever the case may be, you must be prepped for a convenient run. Here are 6 essential running gear for men that you must have, whenever you are out for a run:

The Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

Let’s start off with the absolutely essential running gear – Running Shoes. Finding that perfect fit of shoes with the right soles and comfortable cushion is imperative to have a peaceful run. For instance, ASICS shoes, with breathable fabric and premium cushioning, offer the best convenience during your runs.

Shirts Made of Suitable Fabric

Many prefer T-shirts, many prefer Polos, many don’t have a preference. But choosing a shirt with the right fabric for running is very important. Nylon is the most suitable fabric for running purposes, as it is light, breathable, sweat-wicking, and quite stretchy. This makes nylon shirts your ideal companion on runs, as they help in keeping your body warm, and also dry off the sweat quickly without making a mess. There are also “Quick-Dry” variations of Nylon shirts that are available nowadays for runners, which are the most ideal choice of running clothes for men.

Running Shorts

Chafing can be a real issue for any runner, and hence, finding the right pair of comfortable running shorts is imperative for a convenient run. You’d want a breathable, and wickable material that would help in keeping the sweat out, with enough airflow to avoid chafing. Hence, nylon and spandex shorts are the best options for men.

Fitness Tracker

It isn’t practical to carry your phone along with you everywhere, especially for runners. Hence, fitness trackers do the job of tracking your miles and movement when you’re out on a run. One of the most convenient running accessories, they fit snugly on the wrist, are portable, and can help you track your stats on the go! Depending on what features you want in your fitness tracker, there are an ocean of options available to choose from out there.


A perfect pair of running shoes is only as perfect as the socks are. Both of these running gears complement and are dependent on each other. Synthetic socks are the best choice for running, as they’re breathable, and keep the sweat out to avoid getting any pesky blisters on your foot.

Compact First-Aid Kit

The last thing you need for a perfect running kit is a compact and easy to carry around first-aid kit. A pocket-size first aid kit which comes with essentials for running injuries like band-aids, ointments, gauze pads, etc., is the perfect pick to carry around while having your run. This helps you in being prepared for any injury during your runs.


Now that you have an idea of all the best running gear you’d need for your daily runs, all you need to do is stack up, and have yourselves the best running experience.