“What are the essentials I should have in my running kit?” “What type of gear should I sport while running?” If you’re a new runner or prepping up for your first 5k, these are the types of questions that often come to mind. Well, fret not, as running clothes for women aren’t about being fancy or expensive. Running is usually a very low-maintenance sport, with limited essential clothing and gear requirement for women. Here are some of the best types of clothes and gear women can opt for, for having the most convenient runs:


As a beginner, you don’t need to stack up on your running wardrobe. You can start off easy, with the following essentials:

Nylon Clothes: Nylon is the best fabric for runners. It is lightweight, sweat-wicking, stretchy, and breathable. You can go for women’s running tops made of nylon for running. Similarly, nylon trousers will keep the chafing away during the summers, and keep you warm and dry during winters. Side note – Also look for clothes with pockets to store stuff!

Supportive Sports Bras: Sports bras will help you in maintaining your momentum during running. These should fit properly and not be too stretched out.

Running Socks: Don’t use 100% cotton socks, as they won’t be able to keep the sweat out and may cause blisters on your feet. Choose socks which are synthetic blend instead.


Running gear for women is equally essential as clothes, especially for beginners. Here are the most important items your running gear should have:

1. Running Shoes: Finding the perfect pair of running shoes might be a daunting task, but here are the most important things to look out for in a shoe for a beginner.

  • Heavy Cushioning – Heavily cushioned running shoes with breathable fabric are the best fit for beginners.
  • Type of Sole – Determine where you’d be primarily running, and choose the sole of the shoe based on that. For instance, you could be running on a treadmill, or on the road, or on a trail. Different types of running surfaces have different types of suitable soles.

2. Wristband: A wristband is a very convenient piece of running gear for beginners, which can help them in keeping track of their activities and progress they’re making. For instance, it can help you in keeping track of your heartbeat, and also the daily uptake you’re recording in your miles.

3. Sun Protection: If you’re looking to run outdoors, it is absolutely necessary to protect your skin from the sun. This becomes especially important during summers. Here are a few ways in which you can do this:

  • Use a sunscreen with the SPF value of at least 30
  • Wear a hat or a visor that can provide your face with extra protection
  • Protect your eyes by wearing UV protection sunglasses


Now that you’re aware of all the essential ladies running gear as a beginner, you can smartly invest in the aforementioned items, and begin your running journey with comfort and convenience.