Now that the lockdown has been lifted, we can breathe fresh air and probably run under the open sky if we feel safe to. Winds of autumn have arrived with a sense of freedom. And as the weeks pass, we tend to be lazier in the lap of wintry comfort. It’s time we build back our stamina. This year has taught us to keep ourselves prepared, therefore we have learned to walk the extra mile when it comes to our safety. So, let’s run you through some running essentials for the season:

Pull up your socks

The chilly winds of late October are refreshing but they come with a warning. Those who are prepared will chase the winds with no or very little probability of catching a cold. Especially with COVID, it’s important to take extra precautions. So pull up your socks, quite literally. Buy new running socks, invest in a few good pairs that would last the whole winter and keep your feet warm. After all, when your body is warm, your morale is high. The cold can’t stop you as you move forward.

Tie them shoes

It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a pro, the best part about running is picking up the speed and pushing your limits to the next level. The exhilaration when you are running unstoppably is worth the sweat you shed. Get yourself a brand-new pair of running shoes as a reward for surviving the long lockdown and make a firm resolve to abide by your goals!

The right attire

Who doesn’t love experimenting with new running gear and equipment that add more comfort and safety to your sprinting experience? Whether it is buying a smart watch or a fanny pack or running clothes, every running accessory is a must for a runner. Running gear for men and running gear for women are made uniquely to suit and support their bodies so that they feel comfortable yet are able to move freely. With every little accomplishment, you can buy a new running accessory for yourself! This self-pampering habit will keep you motivated to run even better.

The right mindset

You must have the right mindset to beat the winter blues, after all, it’s all about the willpower. Each time the laziness kicks in, remember the hard work you have put in until now, the reason why you started running and the effort you invested in choosing the apt running equipment as well as running accessories. You can try to jazz up things a little bit; try a new running route, listen to a new song or take an energy bar with you! Have a cheat day to relax and eat whatever you want.

Don’t expect too much from yourself and create high, unattainable goals. Always remember, it’s ok to start slow. Set short term and long term goals, so that you know where your running journey is heading off. Experience how rewarding it is to work hard on yourself and come to a step closer to your goals. Keep running even if it’s slow and steady, because it’s all about you making the effort!