If you are planning on running a race, then you should not underestimate the importance of an adequate running gear. A proper running gear helps you avoid injuries and adds comfort. We have curated a list of the best running gear for the year 2020, for you to go through and choose from.


A pair of good running shoes is the first and foremost equipment that every runner should acquire. A runner needs to consider factors such as foot pronation, material, weight, breathability, etc. before investing in a pair of shoes. You may go for Asics Gel Nimbus 22 that come with improved forefoot GEL™ technology, which reduces the load on feet, while the FLYTEFOAM™ Propel technology in the midsole delivers more energetic ride.


As a runner, you can not devalue the importance of functional clothes. Cotton clothes can lead to chafing, functional clothes, on the other hand, are designed to soak moisture and help runners run comfortably. Kiprun Men’s Running Breathable T-Shirt and Kiprun Women’s Running Breathable Running T-Shirt are quality products available in the market. The breathable material helps runners run more comfortably and efficiently. You can also explore more options at ASICS and Decathlon.


A good running belt can make your run a lot more pleasant. It can help hold your ID, cash, a mid-run snack to help you energize. Evadict’s Trail Running Hydration Belt is an excellent product that will help you carry your essentials. The wearing system of the product, too, is designed for the runner’s convenience.


Headbands help keep your hair out of your eyes and additionally reduce glare from the sun. Buying a headband, you should consider the breathability of the material, the weight, and the fabric. Kalenji’s Multipurpose Running Headband is a product that fills the requirements. It manages moisture and promises to protect the head/neck in any weather.

While these are some of the running gear available in the market for you to consider, there are other options that you can explore, according to your requirements. Further, you can also look up for items such as running socks and running watches for additional comfort.