With all the hype around breakfast, people sometimes forget that dinner is also an important means of the day. The body uses a lot of nutrient stores during the night to generate energy for the next day. If you skip dinner or eat dinner too late, you will deprive your body of these nutrients and feel weaker in the morning.

But even though eating dinner is an unskippable mandate, if you eat too much at night, you can have digestion problems. Your body cannot process food while asleep so large meals can remain undigested in your system for a long time. To avoid this, you should eat light and easily digestible foods at dinner.

If you are confused about exactly what to eat for dinner, you need not look anywhere else. Here is a list of ideal foods for dinner that can give you a healthier gut and happier mornings.

Healthy Dinner Ideas For Everyone

Your ideal dinner meal should include at least three different kinds of foods from different food groups. It is always best to plan your meals right before you go grocery shopping so you have everything you need at home when you decide to cook. Here are some easy dinner ideas that even amateur cooks can make:

1. Omelette

Eggs have the right blend of protein and fat. To balance the fat and protein content with other nutrients, add a lot of vegetables to your omellete and eat it with a loaf of whole wheat bread.

2. Grilled Fish and Meat

Choose a protein or fat-rich fish, or meat. Grilled food is healthier than fried food because it helps keep the saturated fat content in check. Complete your dish with mashed potatoes and your favourite relish.

3. Wheat Pasta

Surprise! Yes, your favourite dish can also be healthy and nutritious. Wheat pasta combines the taste and texture of regular pasta with a high calorific value. Combine your scrumptious pasta dish with lots of crunchy vegetables and fleshy meat choppings. Make sure the sauce you use in your pasta is low in salt and fat content. Throw a few home-baked garlic bread loafs on top to make it a light but nutrient-heavy meal.

4. Salad

A salad filled with green vegetable leaves, broccoli and nuts is the ideal for every night meal. Salads are light and very easily digested. They are also fresh and eating them can put you in a good mood. Nuts have high protein content and are a source of multiple essential vitamins including Vitamin E and magnesium whereas leafy vegetables are high in fibre and calcium. Broccoli is an excellent anti-oxidant that prevents heart diseases.


Healthy dinner can not only improve your quality of daily life but also subtly prolong your lifespan. It can put you in a better mood, improve cardiovascular strength, give you stronger bones and teeth, and boost your digestive system. With these multiple benefits, a smart dinner diet is nothing but a win for you and your family and a loss for your doctor.

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