Mental health is the core of an individual. Keeping your brain healthy and sound is as important as maintaining a healthy body. Hence, mental exercises are imperative for anyone who wants to lead a stable and healthy lifestyle. So, here are the 10 best mental strength exercises to begin your day and take on the challenges, head-on:

1. Meditation

This is one of the most effective and well-known forms of mental exercises. It strengthens you mentally. Breathing slowly, and being calm while focusing on the positives can have some very positive effects on your brain and mood.

2. Creating Goals for the Day

This is a very effective mental exercise that can help you organize your day’s schedule, and provide you with a good idea of what your day looks like ahead.

3. Pre-Ready for the Day With A Good Sleep

Starting off your day well also depends on how well you ended the last day. Hence, having a good amount of sleep is imperative to feel fresh the next day. According to several studies, 8 hours of sleep is the recommended duration.

4. Treat Yourself With Some Dark Chocolate

Although not necessary for every day, eating dark chocolate could indeed better your mental health. Flavonoids, theobromine, and caffeine make you more aware and enhance your mental strength.

5. Do Something Recreational

Recreational activities help release endorphins in the brain and revive your mood. Sketch, jog, listen to your favourite genre of music, or do anything that you like.

6. A Good Yawn is Underrated

Appreciate the power of a good yawn. Go ahead, let it out. Yawns are very helpful when it comes to providing your body and brain a whole lot of relief, and some additional oxygen. Especially in the mornings, don’t hesitate to yawn as it can actually rejuvenate your mind.

7. Write!

Do you have something on your mind? Anything bothering you? Write it down on a piece of paper. It prevents you from getting affected and taking the unnecessary burden.

8. Get Some Natural Light on Your Face

Getting some sunshine at the start of the day can significantly positivize your mood and improve mental health. A ray of sunshine or some natural light on cloudy days can “wake you up”, quite well.

9. Do Some Mental Exercises

Mental exercises help you in prep up for work or tasks during the day. Solve a puzzle, play cards, do math exercises, or something that can stimulate your brain.

10. Take a Step Back and Relax

A good and long stretch, a hot cup of tea or coffee, some soothing music, and lounging for a while – all that boosts your mental strength. It relaxes your brain, and enhances your concentration level.

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