Are you someone who wants to get fit but lack the much-needed motivation and can’t stick to your routine? If yes then there are ways to stay charged up for kick-starting your fitness journey. ​

Workout with a partner. Several fitness enthusiasts have tried this method and found it more effective in achieving success on their fitness journey. 

A right workout partner is likely to give you a ‘reality check’ by staying honest and bringing a dimension of fun to your workout.  They can provide a powerful combination of support, motivation and also healthy competition along with fresh workout ideas.​

How to choose the right workout partner

  • Remember, your best friend may not be your best workout partner​
  • Choose a partner of similar interest and make sure your partner’s goals are aligned with yours (if not fully than at least, to a great extent)​
  • Partner should be of similar strength 
  • Partner should be able to align with same schedule ​

I’m listing a few partner workouts that are great for full-body workout with a combination of easy-to-difficult intensity. Here you go, pick 3-4 workouts, repeat them for 3-5 rounds. Warm-up for 10-15 minutes with a few dynamic movements before you start.​

1. Partner medicine ball sit ups

Both partners lie down on the mat faceup, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, with ankles overlapping. Partner A holding the medicine ball with arms extended overhead. Partner A contracts abs and sits up to face Partner B, bringing arms and medicine ball up. At the same time, Partner B performs a sit-up without the ball. Partner A passes the ball to Partner B. Both partners lower down and tap the ball over the head and repeat the movement. Perform 15-20 repetitions.​

Scale down variation: Perform the movement without the medicine ball or with a football.​

2. Push-up with shoulder tap

Both partners start with a high plank position facing each other. Both perform a push-up, dropping chest to the floor while keeping core engaged and legs straight. Push back up. At the top of your push-up position, lift the right hand and tap your partner’s left shoulder. Repeat, alternating the shoulder that you tap after each push-up. Perform 10-12 repetitions.​

Scale down variation: Perform push-up with knee down on the floor

3. Russian twist with medicine ball

Sit back-to-back and lean back slightly with back straight and feet shoulder-width apart. Partner A holds medicine ball in both hands in front of abs. Partner A turns to right and passes ball to partner B as B turns to left; B then rotates to right and A to left, passing ball again. Switch directions and repeat, with A turning to left first. Perform 20-25 repetitions each side or 30 seconds each side. ​

Scale down variation: Perform the movement without a medicine ball or with a football.​

4. Leg raises:

Partner A should lie on their back. Partner B should stand just behind partner A’s head. Partner A should grab onto partner B’s ankles.​

Partner A then starts raising both legs up together without bending the knees, engaging the core and keeping their back flat against the floor. Partner B push partner A’s leg back down with slight force. Partner A should resist this force and slowly lower the leg back closer to the ground and repeat the movement.​

Perform 15-20 repetitions. 

5. Burpees

Partner A lies down on the abdomen with facedown. Partner B will perform a burpee, jumping over partner A instead of being up in the air like conventional burpees. ​

Perform 10 burpees for each partner.

6. Pistol squat

Partner A and B should stand facing each other, offset so their right shoulders align. Hold right hand with proper grip. Both partners should stand on single leg (left leg when holding the right hand) and quat down slowly and simultaneously. Holding partner’s hands will help in balancing.​

Perform 10 repetitions on each leg.

Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of encouragement to help us ace that last rep, run faster, go the extra mile, or hang in there for another minute. Having a workout partner helps you keep going and get even better.​

Have a great workout!

Deepa Nayak
Deepa Nayak | ASICS Running Coach | 9 years Ex. | 3rd Rank In PROCAM SLAM 2019-2020
Deepa Nayak, transformed her journey quite starkly. With her childhood witnessing no or very little trace of running to becoming a thriving running coach after growing up, it has been a long and incredible journey for her. She continues fuelling her love for the sport by coaching her fellow budding runners.
  • 6 years of running experience with 3 years of coaching experience
  • 2-time qualified runner for Boston Marathon
  • ACE certified personal trainer
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