From a vibrant and active rhythm that we enjoyed before the lockdown to the limited and challenging situation that we have been conquering, a runner’s journey has seen it all in the year 2020. Due to pandemic, many of us have been trapped at home and wondering how to progress our fitness training goals with no or little access to the gym and proper equipment.

While you may have been doing some strength training exercises at home, make sure your upper body gets enough attention. Always keep in mind a runner’s body needs holistic care and workout.

Importance of Upper-Body Strength

Regular upper body workout helps boost your running performance. It also helps you form a better posture, with improved arms swing and more muscle glycogen. Movement of arm muscle and core with healthy coordination empowers the runner to run more efficiently. As a matter of fact, the upper body strength is more important for sprinters than long-distance runners.

Here are a few effective upper-body exercises that can be done anywhere without any equipment, making a massive difference to a runner’s posture while running:

1. Push-ups with shoulder taps

Shoulder Tap Push-Ups are an intensive form of a traditional push-up. They help maintain a long & straight back. They also protect your body from sagging. Doing these push-ups thrice a week imparts immense strength to the runner.

2. High-Low Plank

These planks strengthen a whole lot of muscles in your body. And stronger muscles eventually make you eligible for all kinds of training workouts. Planks can even be a benefit for those wanting to do cardio training.

3. Triceps dips

Bench dips can toughen the muscles in your triceps, chest, and shoulders. They’re also simple to scale. Whether you want to ease some pressure or take on more of a challenge, bench dips are a versatile move to add to your routine.

4. Commandos

Commando workouts are the best way to enhance the response rate of muscles and muscle precision. This cardio also results in improved control over your body.

5. Superman YTWL

One of the most effective ab exercises, Superman YTWL is a proven alternative to increase ab strength and can be a significant part of your everyday core strength session.

6. Arm T’s

They help strengthen the muscles and give rise to a more erect posture. Try progressing to a heavier weight for more rewarding results.

7. Superman Waves

This move also works wonders for your glutes and hamstrings and boosts your core strength. Superman Waves are an excellent replacement for a range of core exercises that focus on the abs.

Various push-ups like tiger push-up, rope push-ups, plank extensions among others Push-ups, in general, are beneficial for building upper body strength. They are exclusively effective for the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. They are also one of the proven exercises to boost body strength. 

Apart from literal strength and quicker recovery, upper body workout also empowers the runner mentally. When you sweat out and push your limits a little further, nothing seems impossible. Strength training exercises make you stronger, in all aspects.

Vinodha Ganapathy
Vinodha Ganapathy | ASICS Influencer | 5 years Ex. | Chennai
An entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, and an ultra-marathoner who believes in being in the moment and making the most of it. She discovered her passion for running in 2014. Ever since then her motto in life is 'Run Miles With Smiles'.
  • Pacer for HM at more than 12 events
  • Loves to inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and strive harder
  • Actively organizes events for runners
  • ASICS influencer (Chennai) since 2018
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