“Reviving your running momentum after a long break may be difficult but the result is worth the effort. Break the long time inertia and be a runner again” – Idris​

2020 was a real dilemma for us the runners due to the Corona pandemic. So to revive our running momentum we need more than simple reasons such as better fitness and weight loss. We should seek rather great reasons and some amazing running tips & tricks. ​

First of all, with your running comeback, you are going to rebuild every cell of your body (that makes it better than it was before) and you will be boosting your mental outlook.​

To break the long time inertia and to be a runner again, you need to understand there is never a perfect time to start a running program. So don’t wait any longer. Running isn’t just good for our health, it will trigger a positive transformation of your body beyond anything you could possibly dream. One day at a time! Lace-up your Asics and start moving, you only need to complete today’s run. Tomorrow’s workout can wait until tomorrow.

They say stress kills. But before it kills, it does lots of damage along the way. Stress lowers your immunity, increases inflammation, slows down healing, decreases bone density, decreases muscle mass, increases blood pressure, increases fat, and intensifies blood sugar imbalances. So when we talk about “stress relief”, we are not merely referencing reduced anxiety. We are talking about a full-body protection plan. Think of stress as your body’s version of termites. Think of running as the exterminator. The “Runner’s High” endorphins improve sleep and they can serve as a time for tranquil reflection and meditation. The health benefits of running are endless. ​

By the age of 25, men and women begin to lose skeletal muscle mass at a rate of up to 1% per year. That adds up. Once a muscle cell is gone, it’s gone forever. The same process occurs with your stride length, without training, it will shorten up to 40% by the time you reach your 70s. Proper training can drastically curtail both these losses. This makes your running comeback all the more important. ​

Too many runners forget or never realize that running should be fun. If it’s not fun you will quit. The sport has to contribute to the evening of that day or the next day. You have got to be enjoying it. If you want to do cross-training or something else, opt for it only if it’s fun. ​

Finally, the results count. At some point, hopefully, sooner rather than later, you must get demonstrably fitter, faster, stronger, springier, thinner, healthier, and happier.​

When you are accomplishing your goals and having a blast as I do, there are good chances that you will get back to running and never look back. 

Mohamed Idris
Mohamed Idris | ASICS Running Coach | Three-time Champion Of Bahrain Marathon
After spending more than two decades in the Middle East, Idris came back to India in 2014. One eureka moment woke up the runner in him and then he never looked back. From national to international, Idris has championed a host of marathons.
  • He has won Asian Masters Champion in 3 categories
  • He has also been an age group winner in the TCS 10K marathon
  • He also become the Ironman Malaysia Finisher in 2010 (3.8km Swim, 180km Cycle, 42.2km Run)
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