Most runners are aware of the benefits of running. However, a few of us might not be able to reap these benefits because of a possibly incorrect technique. Below mentioned are  ten most common mistakes that amateur runners make, and ways to rectify them.

1. Wrong Gear

Wearing old shoes or the wrong type of shoes could lead to injuries. Buying the right pair of shoes is an investment. Other than that, choosing the right clothes is equally important. Functional clothes help keep you dry and cool.

2. Unnecessary Pressure

As a beginner, do not put too much pressure on your body. Do not go too fast or long too soon. Give your body time to adapt to the new routine. It is important to prepare your mind and to be realistic.

3. Ignorance

Amateur runners often commit the mistake of not listening to your body. Pay attention to your body. Do not ignore your body, especially if/when it aches.

4. Overstriding

One of the most common causes of injury among runners occurs because of landing on heel first, with the foot way ahead of the body’s centre of gravity. Try to keep your steps light and your stride short to avoid injuries.

5. Dehydration

A runner loses a lot of fluids while running. It is important to keep the body hydrated. However, drinking too much water will not be helpful either. The easiest way to remember is to drink water whenever your body demands it.

6. Not Breathing Properly

Breathing too shallow leads to side stitches. Your breathing should be rhythmic. Inhale from both mouth and nose, and exhale from the mouth.

7. Faulty Diet

The right diet is important for both your running performance and overall health. Many amateurs focus only on the workout. To see a difference, you need to be equally careful about your diet.

8. Overlooking The Warm-up

It is important to prepare your muscles for the workout. Missing out on warm-up sessions will lead to injuries. A good warm-up will increase flexibility.

9. Avoiding Break Days

Many runners try to jump right into running. But that’s bad form. Instead, establish a healthy routine and try to give your body ample rest between workouts.

10. Poor Upper Body Form

Some runners swing their arm from side-to-side or hold their hands way up by their chest. Keep your arms at a ninety-degree angle, and keep your hands at waist level.

You will make mistakes when you start something new. But do not get discouraged, instead learn from these mistakes and try to avoid them in the future.

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