Olympic marathon qualifier Scullion reconsiders ‘rash’ retirement announcement

Marathon runner Stephen Scullion said he found it difficult to retire in peace and hence, he is rethinking his unpredictable decision, with the Tokyo Olympics just around the corner.

Scullion, 31, tweeted last night: “Today was my last race, I’ve decided to retire. For reasons I’ll talk about in future.” But, the Belfast athlete threw more clarity on this matter today and said that the announcement was “a rash decision”.

Scullion reached his personal best time of 2:11:52 to finish fifth in the Houston Marathon last January, a result that helped him qualify for the 2020 Olympic. Scullion elaborated, “Anybody who listens to [my] podcast will know it’s been an up and down experience during Covid. Last night it caught up with me that I should be in training camp in Tokyo, preparing for the Games,”