Know how COVID-19 affected Eliud Kipchoge, the great marathon runner

Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge has been breaking records ever since he won the marathon Olympic gold at the Rio Games in 2016. He had been aiming to continue this record-breaking journey before the pandemic took the world by storm. He elaborated more on this situation to Sportstar, “The postponement of the Tokyo Games [to 2021] has turned everything, from preparation to planning, upside down for me”.

Eliud is a world record holder who has won 11 out of 12 marathons he took part in. These days, he is just trying to remain positive. He has been also training in isolation. He said, “I have never been in a hard situation like this. This one is completely different and has hampered my training in a big way. It has not only affected my training but my fitness too. Training in isolation is not easy and, without your teammates around, it is hard to gauge your fitness as well. Consistency and setting your goal is another recipe.”