Beth Potter Sets The British & World Record for Road 5K​

Scottish athlete Beth Potter set the British and World record for 5k road run well under 15 minutes of time lapse.​

Beth Potter who is 29 years old 2016 Olympian had run under 15:24 last time for the same event and is now gearing up for triathlons.​

Recently, there was a conundrum around the licensing of this event under the UK Athletics (UKA) and it was stated that the event only had a license from the Association of Running Clubs (ARC), yet a license of UKA was shown up on the event. Although, Podium 5k did tweet that the event was fully licensed. Potter’s win is yet to be confirmed due to a rumor circling around the lack of drug-testing in the event.​

The Men’s A race event was also the one where Tom Mortimer, Phill Seseman, & Jonny Brownlee took the lead, with Mortimer and Seseman leading the group under 13:40. The race ended with Mortimer finishing the line.​