92-year young retired bank professional preps up for the TCS World 10K

N.S. Dattatreya, an enthusiastic man in his 90s is aiming to run first TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2020, an event that began on 20th December. The retired bank manager found this special inclination of his since last year, the time when he started taking part in marathons and walkathons. Ever since then he has run and walked in ninety such events so far. In a year, he has finished forty-eight physical and forty-two virtual running events. He also took part in the 21st Asia Masters Athletics Championship and secured 5 gold medals in several categories.

His love for running has served as an innate source of inspiration for countless runners in the country. One such runner quoted, “To be honest, Dattatreya uncle has changed my life. In 2019, I met him for the first time, and I got stunned that how can this 91-year-old can run a marathon. Not only that, I took part in 5km race, while he did a 10km run. From that moment, I felt, this 91-year-old can cover long distances, why can’t I? So, since then I have been taking part in each running or cycling events happening around me.”