If you have resolved to leading a healthier life, then you probably would have considered running. Running has multiple benefits, and it is beneficial even if you can’t commit to it for a longer duration. Running every day for as little as ten minutes can even add more years to your life. Besides this, running has a whole other benefits.

Here are a few reasons to prove that running is one of the best bodyweight exercises out there:

Running can help to procure Vitamin D

Running outdoors can help you secure your daily dose of vitamin D. The sun exposure also helps in fighting depression and strengthening your bones.

Running is inexpensive

Compared to other exercises, running does not require any equipment. The right pair of shoes and functional clothes are all you need. Moreover, running is the most basic form of exercise and does not even require a commute that your gym might require.

Improves Mental Health

It has been scientifically proven that running helps in improving mood. Running every day has also shown to fight depression. It can help cope with your daily stress and help with anxiety disorders. The mental health benefits of running are so prompt that you can start witnessing them from day one.

Every run is unique

While running might look repetitive, it is not. A runner can opt for tempo runs, perform at intervals, run at different roads, etc. It is the one exercise that does not get boring!

Improves your sleep cycle

Running leaves you more relaxed and productive; subsequently helping you sleep soundly. The improvement in sleep will be noticeable from your very first run.

Running is good for the Heart

Running is a form of cardiovascular exercise, and burns more calories as compared to a weighted resistance training. Over time, it pushes the heart rate and keeps the cholesterol level in check. While improving your immune system, running for seven miles a week can reduce the risk of heart-related problems.

No training required

Running is one of the most basic, easily accessible exercises. It is suitable for any fitness level. Running also does not require prior training and you will not outgrow it either.

Running on a regular basis will help you become stronger and sturdier. You will be able to notice the difference from day one.

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