Virtual marathon trends in Pune during the lockdown period

While Milind Soni had plans to run for kilometers on his 50th anniversary, it did not happen the way he anticipated. Milind’s birthday falls on May 11. This year, it fell during Lockdown 3.0. Running outside was not only banned, but it was also not a safe choice. Milind has been running for the last five years and he was determined to do something. He transformed the internal 270-meter long road of his society in Kothrud into a terrain. Beating all odds, Milind ran for hours.

Apart from discovering new music genres and learning to bake, running has kept the people in Pune quite occupied. Be it the balcony or the stairway, the rooftop, or the car parking area, people have been running wherever they can. Since they find it impossible to run in real marathons, they have been showing an incredible passion through ‘virtual running’, a newly discovered trend that we owe to the lockdown period.