Providence Marathon in the ‘New Normal’​

The Boston Marathon is known to be the biggest event in running, often overshadowing other marathons in other large cities. ​

Even though The Boston Marathon got rescheduled this year from Patriots’ Day to Oct. 11, it is unlikely that the new date will affect the turnout of the marathon and make it any less of a fanfare. ​

But here’s what the schedule change did – it provided an unusual backdrop for the 2021 Providence Marathon, which saw a whopping turnout of almost 1,700 runners to downtown Providence on a Sunday morning. ​

The marathon, comprising of a half-marathon and a 5-kilometer run, was just the sort of event runners were looking for in these times. It won’t be wrong to say that it was one of the biggest local events held yet since the outset of the pandemic. ​

Although the race did not attract the biggest names in running, it became the perfect opportunity for many serious runners in the local population to take part in a real run. ​

The marathon runners followed COVID-19 safety protocols. They were seen wearing masks as they set off toward the starting line and maintaining a little more space between each other than normal.