Nearly 6,000 runners embrace 2021 by running a half marathon in Shanghai​

The Shanghai International Circuit, another home to Formula One’s Chinese Grand Prix, traditionally embarks on the New Year with a half marathon ‘Run The Track’. This year, the occasion grabbed more eyeballs due to the special Covid-19 guidelines. The seventh edition saw an overwhelming participation of 6,000 runners who underwent coronavirus nucleic acid tests to qualify for the event. ​

A team of 32 medical workers was deployed to overlook the entire event through the lens of health guidelines. A participant said, “The year of 2020 was special for all of us, but thanks to the efforts of our people, the pandemic is under control in China, and life is mostly back to normal. This is my first time participating in Run The Track, and I hope to open the new year with a fresh beginning, and a new start.”​