London Marathon becomes a hit, quite virtually

During times like these, the London Marathon seemed to be at its most surreal. Celebrated athletes were sported by cardboard cutouts along a special course in St James’s Park. Nearly 43,000 runners from over 100 nations ran virtually in the event. The organizers took this massive participation as an opportunity to raise millions for charities.

Hugh Brasher, the event director, asserted that it had been the most absurd race in the history of the London Marathon. He further elaborated, the day this race went global, thousands of people chose to run for miles from varied parts of the globe.

He explained, “What we have seen sums up the indomitable spirit the London Marathon has always been about. Britain has suffered from this unbelievably inclement weather from Storm Alex but over 30,000 people across the country have shown amazing fortitude in getting out and running or walking 26.2 miles. And to think we have had people from 109 countries taking part is quite incredible. I really hope it is a beacon of light in a year that’s been pretty dark.”