Lockdown life spurred visually Impaired man to complete the virtual marathon​

In an effort to set a new personal record, a visually impaired man from Bury St Edmunds finished a virtual Edinburgh marathon last week. ​

Billy Cornish was visually impaired by tunnel vision from birth but was eventually diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder as well. In the past, he usually ran with his guide but completed this virtual marathon on his own in 3.33.27 on Sunday, May 30. Completing 105 and a half laps of the Bury St Edmunds leisure centre running track was nothing short of a miracle for his family and friends. ​

Mr. Cornish achieved his personal best 3.30.45 last year and missed it by a whisker this time. Expressing he had a very hard last 10K in this virtual marathon, he claimed, “I was supposed to be doing the marathon in person but because of Covid it is now virtual.”​

A part of the Red Lodge running club, he started running more during the lockdown to proactively maintain and be on top of his mental health.