Kozhikode man wins 90-km Ultramarathon

The ‘Comrades Centenary Hope Challenge’, also known as the ‘Ultimate Humans Race’ went virtual for a second year. Usually taking place in Durban, South Africa, it is believed to be one of the toughest terrains for marathons because of its uneven topography.

Mr. Naseef Ali took part in this virtual run by running 90km in his district of Kozhikode on 13th June and won the first spot! While he didn’t have to deal with an uneven topography, the lockdown in Kozhikode and the rains presented a huge challenge. He had to seek permission from the police to run in lockdown.

​Mr. Ali took part in the race, along with six of his friends from Kerala Riders UAE, a triathlon club in Dubai. He was one of the only two who managed to complete the race. ​