Hong Kong marathon honoring Tiananmen Square crackdown goes on in a depreciated form​

A yearly marathon in Hong Kong remembering the Tiananmen Square crackdown went on in abated mode on 17th May in the middle of a massive police presence, with its organizer also leaving its long-standing call to “end the one-party dictatorship”, which some had labeled questionable under the national security law.​

The marathon was arranged by the Hong Kong Alliance in China’s favor of Patriotic Democratic Movements. China has also planned meetings with the police to urge support for its yearly assemblage and candlelight watch regarding the 1989 crackdown in Beijing, as per the information received by secretary Richard Tsoi Yiu-cheong.“We will continue to strive for our rights within the legal framework, as we’ve been doing in the past 30 years. We hope police will consider Hongkongers’ rights and freedom to make decisions that comply with the law and human rights protection,” the secretary informed.