Grant Holloway wins Men’s 110-Metre-Hurdles at Trials, makes it to Olympics

Grant Holloway wins Men’s 110-Metre-Hurdles at the Olympic Track and Field Trials, held on 26th June. He opened a sizeable lead by the fourth of 10 hurdles and won the race in 12.96.

He was closely followed by Devon Allen and Daniel Roberts, who crossed the line second and third in 13.10 and 13.11 respectively. All three will be heading out for the Tokyo Olympics.

After the run, Holloway remarked, “Everybody knows what my goal is. As long as the medal is a gold, it doesn’t matter what the time is.”​

On being asked if he could run the world record next month in Tokyo, Holloway said, “We’ll find out. I just think at this point it’s definitely possible. … It’s just executing at a very high level and figuring out ways to continue to get better.” ​

While this is Allen’s second time making the Olympic team, for Holloway and Robert it is a first and a dream come true. ​