George Clooney supports Eddie Izzard in acing the 31-day marathon challenge​

Well-known Humorist Eddie Izzard recently finished her 31-day virtual marathon run and successfully raised over £200k for a charity. Upon the support extended by the Hollywood actor​

George Clooney, she said she felt very proud. All the runs were live-streamed and they took place across several virtual cities. This endeavor was a part of her Make Humanity Great Again goodwill initiative.​

Actor George Clooney backed Izzard so could cross the finish line in London. He also requested people to follow all the Covid guidelines. He said, “Remember, we’re almost through this everybody, hang tight! Wear a mask, stay distanced, we’re almost there.”​

The comedian elaborates, “There is too much talk of division in the world. Too much talk designed to pull us apart. In my life I try to look for the opposite – to look for what brings us together, which helps make us all stronger.”​