Former Comrades Marathons winner Nick Bester suffers a brutal attack while running

Former Comrades Marathons winner has been attacked while running on Aug 30. He was on a trail near his house when he got beaten and has been hospitalized.

A few local media sources report that three men on the trail hid behind Bester and beat him with rocks. They then stripped off his clothes and tied both his hands together. Bester suffered three broken ribs, a broken cheekbone, trauma to his head, and cuts all over his body.

Bester’s son, Shaun-Nick Bester discussed the issue on a social media platform, “They took off his clothes and tied him up and left him in the mountain. He managed to escape down the mountain by sliding on his back until he was right against someone’s fence.”

Bester has been receiving massive support from the running community and is expected to recover soon.