Canadian Runner Saves Drowning Boy

Brad and Ashley Pilon, while on a staycation at a hotel near their home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, attempted the Goggins Challenge – running four miles every four hours for 48 hours. ​

Since they were running together and were being accompanied by friends on some sections, they chose not to wear headphones, as they often do while running. That decision turned out to be a true blessing. ​

While they were crossing the eighth leg, they noticed two abandoned kids bikes on the side of the path. Just a few seconds later, Brad started hearing screams. On turning around, he saw a young boy on the shoreline running in the opposite direction looking for help and another boy in the water calling out for help. ​

Brad then jumped into water and brought the boy onto dry land. They were then helped out of the water by a friend and another passerby. ​

This way, the idea of going for a running challenge helped save a life. ​