All runners need to have a proper training schedule in place. If you are a beginner, it becomes all the more essential. Beginners need to ensure that their running workouts should not be overwhelming, instead, it should help your body ease into the new regime.

We have come up with a seven-week plan that makes running for beginners simpler and easier.

7 Week Run Plan


running for beginners
  • In the first week, you need to take things slow. Adopt the run-walk method.
  • Run for a minute and then walk for two minutes. Repeat this ten times.
  • Start on Monday and do this every alternate day.
  • On the other days, walk briskly and then easily for thirty minutes.
  • On Sundays, give your body an off day to recover.


  • Focus on building a running pace in the next week.
  • On Monday, run for a minute and walk for another two, for thirty minutes.
  • On Wednesday, run for three minutes and walk for one minute. Repeat this seven times, and end your workout with another two-minute run.
  • Walk on Tuesday and Thursday, while keeping Sunday as an off day.
  • For Friday and Saturday, run for four minutes and walk for one, for thirty minutes, again.


  • On Monday and Wednesday, run for five minutes and walk for one minute, for thirty minutes.
  • Walk on Tuesday and Thursday, for thirty minutes.
  • On Friday and Saturday, run for six minutes and walk for one. Finish your workout with a two-minute run.
  • Recover on Sunday.


  • The workout on all the days will continue to be for thirty minutes.
  • Run for eight minutes and walk for another. On Wednesday, increase your running time with another minute.
  • On Friday run for ten minutes followed by one minute of walking, twice. Finish your workout with an eight-minute run.
  • On Saturday, run for eleven minutes and walk for another, twice. Run for six minutes, afterward. Walk on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Rest on Sunday.


  • Run for twelve minutes on Monday, thirteen on Wednesday, and walk for one minute afterward. Run for fourteen and fifteen minutes on Friday and Saturday respectively, followed by another minute of walking.
  • Walk on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Rest on Sunday.


  • Run for sixteen minutes, walk for one and then, run for thirteen more minutes.
  • Walk for thirty minutes on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • On Wednesday, run for seventeen minutes, followed by a minute of walking. Complete your workout with another twelve minutes of running.
  • On Friday run for eighteen minutes, walk for another, and then run for eleven minutes.
  • On Saturday, increase your first run by another minute. Walk for one minute. Finish your workout by running for ten more minutes.


  • In week 7, run for twenty minutes on both Monday and Tuesday. Walk for one, and later run for nine more minutes.
  • On Wednesday, extend your first run by twenty-two minutes. Walk for one minute, and complete your workout by running for seven minutes.
  • On Thursday, walk for thirty minutes.
  • On Friday, run for twenty-four minutes, and on Saturday for twenty-six. Walk for a minute. Later run to complete a thirty-minute workout.
  • Give rest to your body on Sunday.

People who opt for running have varied goals. While one might be running for weight loss, another might be running to stay fit. To achieve your goals, you also need to pair your workout with the right diet and running nutrition. Other than this, make sure that you wear the right running trainers for your workout. With the right plan and technique, beginners will have an easier time.

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